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Daggers & Silk

Once three Emperors
Walked Bloody Earth Unbowed
Fall Down, Corpses All

-Zen of the Three Emperors

We came on a boat we call hope
On a copper ladder we walked
Down into hell on a twice slippery slope
Oh if only queens of those days had talked

-Dead Queens and Copper Boats

Three empires stand on the brink of war and devastation. The world order may come crumbling down with even the lightest breeze. There are forces even now that are looking to unleash winds and aim them at the great powers.

People wait with baited breath the time of the Four Sisters and what new challenges that will bring to them. Will the old Empires crumble? Will they be able to sustain themselves? Will the True Dragons finally turn their backs on the people of Iradani? These are just some of the questions.

It is a new age of heroes and only time will tell what direction their winds will blow.

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